Percale – 120 TC, 132 TC, 144 TC and 180 TC
Our 100% cotton percale bed sheets have a tight weave for a crisp feel. They are cool to the touch with a smooth, matte finish that feels just against your skin, making them a good choice for year round use.

As an added benefit, sheets are crisp, soft, durable, breathable, biodegradable, environmentally friendly resource. Percale also washes up very nicely and has a freshly-pressed look on the bed and become softer on each wash.
Essential Bedding
200TC Percale
300TC Percale and Sateen
This type of sheet is good for all sleepers, as it doesn’t get too hot. Percale 100% Cotton sheets have a crisp texture and are great for all seasons. Silky and smooth. Sateen is 100% cotton and offers a buttery soft feel. Sateen sheets are luxurious and are similar in feel to silk.