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Kg Linens

KG Linens specilalised in manufacturing high quality Bed linens and Towels with 100% Cotton and blends of sustainable fibers under Environmental Friendly Processes.


Our 100% Cotton Terry Towels made out of extra long staple combed cotton to have soft feel even after repeated washes, excellent absorbency and bulky.

Pillow covers

Pillow covers, or protectors, are used to protect pillows from dust mites and stains. They usually have a zippered closure. The pillow case is what you sleep on. It is placed over the pillow cover. Pillow cases, commonly part of your sheet set, are designed as a functional and decorative covering.

Basic Bedding

Percale – 120 TC, 132 TC, 144 TC and 180 TC
Our 100% cotton percale bed sheets have a tight weave for a crisp feel. They are cool to the touch with a smooth, matte finish that feels just against your skin, making them a good choice for year round use.

As an added benefit, sheets are crisp, soft, durable, breathable, biodegradable, environmentally friendly resource. Percale also washes up very nicely and has a freshly-pressed look on the bed and become softer on each wash.
Essential Bedding
200TC Percale
300TC Percale and Sateen
This type of sheet is good for all sleepers, as it doesn’t get too hot. Percale 100% Cotton sheets have a crisp texture and are great for all seasons. Silky and smooth. Sateen is 100% cotton and offers a buttery soft feel. Sateen sheets are luxurious and are similar in feel to silk.

Premium Bedding

400TC, 500TC and 600TC
Brought to you in this extremely soft and long-lasting sateen sheet set is an everyday must-have. Upgrade your bedding for comfort with the incredibly soft cotton and stylish sheet set from KG Linens.

100% Cotton fabric, thread Count ranges from 400 TC to 600 TC. Sateen woven fabric for a soft and smooth feel.