KG Evolution

Innovative, Sustainable, Cotton rich bedding is made with ocean bound plastic waste that will eventually end up discharged in the ocean by
the effect of winds, rainfall, river flow or tides.

It is a truly innovative concept to avoid plastic waste may become abandoned in the environment or open air burned. Protecting the environment and setting out a sustainable way of living by reduced CO2 emission

• Durable & Soft hand feel
• Oeko-Tex® & OBP certified
• Transparent, Traceable manufacturing process

Nano Cool

Nano Cool allows a fabric to breathe, at the same time, transporting moisture away from the body. In addition, the quick-dry properties created by the natural microclimate of the fabric help to reduce post-exercise chill, making the effects highly suitable for all fabrics. These effects leave a pleasant, cool and dry feeling. These innovative effects help you improve health, safety and environmental standards.

• Keeps you cool and dry
• So and comfortable
• Long lasng performance
• Quick dry
• Oeko – Tex® cerfied, Approved by EPA US,
BPR registered, meets REACH requirements EU.

Hexagon Sheet

Carbon infused fabrics are environmentally friendly and biodegradable & have many beneficial qualities for our bodies and the environment.
This sheet set features a luxurious fabric infused with activated carbon which aids in neutralizing odors paired with moisture wicking benefits to keep you cool and dry.

• Anti-bacterial & Anti odor
• Skin friendly
• Moisture regulation
• Infused with activated charcoal
• Hypoallergenic.
• Eco-Friendly
• Biodegradable
• Oeko-Tex 100 certified
• Enables sheets to stay fresh longer- save
time, water & electricity

Silky soft and naturally pure, TENCEL bed linens will ensure your sleep is refreshingly comfortable.The luxuriously smooth fiber structure from eco-friendly resources pampers your skin with balanced moisture management and temperature regulation qualities to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

• Naturally antimicrobial
• Feels Cool and dry / Warm and dry
• Breathable
• Natural comfort
• Long lasting softness
• Eco- Friendly and Luxurious
• Sustainable
• Efficient moisture Management
• Color retention